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 If you are struggling more than usual with anxiety right now, you are not alone. Even if you haven't been personally affected by the virus or had a family member affected, you may feel like you're sitting in wait for the other shoe to drop.  Regardless of whether or not you and your loved ones are safe, you might be sheltering at home together 24x7, and that brings a lot of stress that is outside the norm. 

Helping you deal with your anxiety via online therapy is a way that I can help you cope with the coronavirus.

For people with anxiety; worry and fear are constant, overwhelming, and, at times, disabling. You might feel anxious when faced with a problem at work, before taking a test, or before making an important decision. For a person with an anxiety disorder, the anxiety may not go away and can get worse over time. However, with treatment, many people can manage those feelings and get back to a fulfilling life. Together we can work at understanding the cause of the anxiety and I can teach you skills to help cope with your symptoms. 




More than just a bout of the blues; depression isn't a weakness and in many cases, you can't simply "snap out" of it.  Symptoms of depression may occur several times per week or every day.  But, don't get discouraged. Most people with depression feel better with medication, psychotherapy or both. I can help you with alleviating your symptoms and collectively we can work to improve your daily living.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline




Psychological Trauma

Following any distressing or life-threatening event, psychological trauma can set in. Perhaps this virus has triggered some past traumas and you are experiencing some of the following symptoms?:

· Shock, denial, disbelief

· Aggression

· Sleeping problems

· Anxiety

· Dissociation

· Physical Symptoms

In many cases, talk therapy alone is not enough to heal trauma. I am trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing). EMDR is the most widely and clinically researched therapeutic method for trauma. For more information, please go to:


Self Esteem

Self-esteem is an individual's subjective evaluation of their own worth. Self-esteem encompasses beliefs about oneself as well as emotional states such as: triumph, despair, pride, and shame. If you are struggling with self-esteem, together we can work to uncover the source of your self-worth/self-respect and how this may impact how you evaluate your success and failures in life.


Relationship Issues

  Now more than ever, relationship struggles may be presenting itself.  With SIP and being with our partners and close family members nearly 24x7, tensions between loved ones are running high.

 The need for human connection appears to be innate but, the ability to form healthy, loving relationships is learned. Strong relationships need to be continually nurtured with care and communication. I can help you and your partner increase connection, improve communication and manage difficult situations as a team. Online couples therapy is an effective tool to provide support to people struggling with connection. 

I am trained in Prepare/Enrich. P/E helps committed couples gain a deeper understanding of dynamics, personality, stress and strength, and growth

areas in their relationship. For more information, please go to:



  Stress is everywhere and affects every one of us, especially now in dealing with this virus. While a little stress is OK, too much stress can wear you down and make you sick, both mentally and physically.

The first step to controlling stress is to know the symptoms. But recognizing stress symptoms may be harder than you think. Most of us are so used to being stressed, we don’t recognize it for what it is until we are at the breaking point. I can help you in identifying your triggers and teach you skills to help alleviate symptoms when stressful situations cannot be prevented.